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Light Your Work Area - Artemide Tolomeo LampThese days more and more of us are working from home, either in a dedicated home office or at a desk somewhere in the house.

Why not make this area into a place we enjoy spending time?

The type of lighting we use can change our mood in addition to just enabling us to see.

OK, for you who are shaking your head over the concept of enjoying spending time at the desk,  it’s a fact that the correct lighting of your work area can reduce eye strain and fatigue and increase productivity. This could in theory make you get through the work load faster and get away from the desk! More »

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The Tolomeo Classic Desk Lamp

Have you ever leafed through a magazine of sophisticated contemporary homes without running across at least 10 Tolomeo lamps? On night stands, on desks, next to a favorite reading chair.
Alan Shore had one on his desk in Boston Legal, the department stores have oodles of them on their highest end cosmetics counters – and I have mine right here next to me. I love my Tolomeo. In my humble opinion there is no better reading light and I can’t even explain why. It holds a simple 75W household bulb, nothing fancy or unusual. The shade somehow focuses the light just right. I like it that I can move the arm and head in all directions to get the light just right for working on my laptop or reading.

In our showroom we have our favorites and the Tolomeo from Artemide always ranks towards the top of our list, not just because I like it so much.
Our criteria at Form + Function for falling in love with a product includes a lot more than just good design. Since we sell the products we want our customers to be happy with them not just today, but down the road.

One huge bonus with the Tolomeo is that there are replacement parts for everything and the assembly doesn’t require an engineer. When my two rambunctious dogs chased around the living room on a silly romp and knocked over our Tolomeo floor lamp it broke at the base. It looked like a major deal, a ruined lamp, but no. All that was required was a small part that was easily available from Artemide.

Knowing about this made us genuinely fall in love with the Tolomeo and we have helped many customers with parts and bits. That to me is a great, functional lamp, worth paying a bit extra for, since I know I’ll have it practically forever.

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